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Posted in Solar Panel by TenagaSurya on July 13, 2009

6″ Monocrystalline Solar Cell

6" Monocrystalline Solar Cell6″ Monocrystalline Solar Cell
Item#: DMS-156M-433
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Regular price: $836.00
Sale price: $433.00
Product Description
* DMS-156M-433: 100 Cells, up to 433W
* High efficiency and stable performance in photovoltaic conversion.
* Advanced diffusion technique ensuring the homogeneity of energy conversion efficiency of the cell.
* Advanced PECVD film forming, providing a dark blue silicon nitride anti-reflection film of homogenous color and attractive appearance.
* High quality metal paste for back surface and electrode, ensuring good conductivity, high pulling strength and ease of soldering.
* High precision patterning using screen printing, ensuring accurate busbar location for ease with automatic soldering a laser cutting.

* Monocrystalline solar cells
* 156mm x 156mm * thickness 190 +/-20 um
* Cell efficiency 18.2%
* Pmpp(W): 4.33
* Umpp(V): 0.523
* Impp(A): 8.243
* Voc(V) : 0.632
* Isc(A) : 8.803
* QTY: 100

¤SOURCE: dmSolar.com: 6″ Monocrystalline Solar Cell
¤Solar Panels, Grid Tie Solar Power Systems and Photovoltaic Cells!
¤Project Build A Solar Panel: Step by step guide to building a solar panel with complete illustrations

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