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Maxi, Mini and Micro DC-DC Converters

Vicor’s Maxi, Mini and Micro product series DC-DC converters represent a leap in the performance and flexibility of power components. With advanced power processing, control and packaging technologies, power density has tripled while reducing the cost per watt of processed power. Low noise zero-current and zero-voltage switching and advanced power semiconductor packaging provide high power density with low temperature gradients. A high level of silicon integration reduces parts count, further increasing reliability.

In addition to our 24 V, 28 V, 48 V, 72 V, 110 V, 150 V, 300 V and 375 V input families, Maxi, Mini and Micro product series technology allows for the automated generation of user-defined designs without the customary long lead times typical of custom designs. Virtually any combination of input, output and power are available, which means that you no longer have to compromise with the use of standard products.

Compact and efficient, Maxi, Mini and Micro converters feature wide input voltage ranges, remote sense, enhanced output programmability, and low standby dissipation. Modules can be paralleled for high power or for true redundant operation. Five temperature grades (down to -55°C operation and  -65°C storage), three baseplate styles, and six pin types provide a maximum of cost effective flexibility. The electronic circuitry is fully encapsulated for protection in harsh environments.

Input Voltages:
24 V (18 – 36 V)
28 V (9 – 36 V)
48 V (36 – 75 V)
72 V (43 – 110 V)
110 V (66 – 154 V)
150 V (100 – 200 V)
300 V (180-375 V)
375 V (250-425 V)
Output Voltages:
2 – 54 Vdc
Output Power:
Maxi: 150 – 600 W
Mini: 100 – 300 W
Micro: 50 – 150 W
Up to 90%
Maxi (full brick): 4.6″ x 2.2″ x 0.5″
(117 x 55,9 x 12,7 mm)

Mini (half brick): 2.28″ x 2.2″ x 0.5″
(57,9 x 55,9 x 12,7 mm)

Micro (quarter brick): 2.28″ x 1.45″ x 0.5″ (57,9 x 36,8 x 12,7 mm)
Up to 120 W/in3
Low noise zero-current switching and zero-voltage switching technology
Single-wire paralleling
Output voltage adjusts from 10-110%
Logic enable / disable
Input undervoltage lockout
Output overvoltage protection

SOURCE: http://cdn.vicorpower.com/cms/home/products/brick/mini-maxi-micro-converters

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