Local Solar Panel Industry Hit by China Products

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Wednesday, 13/04/2011 16:56 pm

Local Solar Panel Industry Hit by China Products

Akhmad Nurismarsyah: detikFinance

detikcom – Jakarta, Again, local products have to bow the knee with super cheap products from China. Products solar electric panels (solar energy) made in China increasingly widely used in the country because of locally made far more expensive.

Solar Module Manufacturers Association of Indonesia (APMSI) expect the government to provide incentives for the industry. In order for a solar panel industry could develop and be widely used in the country.

“There are still dominated by imports, they win on price, production, and capacity (electricity), they are great. Therefore, we need government support to support the use of domestic products,” said founder APMSI Albert Daniel in the event in ConBuild 2011 and Renewables 2011 Indonesia in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta (13/04/2011).

He explained that, since the year 2006 procurement of goods imported solar electric panels is still dominated by Chinese products. Meanwhile, local solar panel products to bite the finger for not competitive. High prices of local products due for taxes (import duty) to be paid to import some raw materials of solar panels.

“Although still slightly more expensive locally, but not the funds spin, entry into the country instead of imported goods as well. We have so far been calling for more government switch to domestic products. We have appealed to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Energy and Mineral Resources) and Ministry of Industry,” he explained.

He said the perpetrators of this sector request removal of import duty for imported raw materials to 0%. He believes if it is done, plus better service local products such as guaranteed lifetime warranty of 25 years, the local products can compete.

“For the price we still are a bit expensive, we sell to US$ 2.5 to 3/Wp they sell with a range of US$ 2 to 2.3/Wp,” he explained.

So far the market that they offer are relevant to the residential sector lighting. They also intend to offer network-based solar electricity to PLN, but until now there has been no response.

“For the last year alone, than 10-15 MW of electricity capacity that we can provide through the procurement of us. We just could contribute only 4% contribution, the remainder are still dominated by imports. Whereas we ourselves also been able to fill the needs of up to 30 MW,” he added.

APMSI is an association of electrical manufacturers solar panel maker that was founded in 2010. This chapter consists of five manufacturing companies which in total represents a kind of domestic manufacturers.

“So, once again, I hope the government can glance at us. Governments do a project for disadvantaged areas that are grown, we tried to get into it so that local industries such as APMSI to grow as well,” said Albert.

SOURCE: detikcom: Industri Panel Surya Lokal Dilibas Produk China


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