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….. or crawl back to where you belong.

Feedback for Solar Panel Talk

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10-26-2010 02:11 PM – Jason
Feedback for Solar Panel Talk
I want to know your thoughts about Solar Panel Talk, whether it be negative or positive.

Please send an email to feedback [at] solarpaneltalk.com or click on the “contact” link right under the solarpaneltalk logo.

This feedback is crucial for building the best possible Solar Energy community.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

**Please DO NOT email with solar questions. They will go unanswered. All solar questions must be posted on the forum for everyone’s benefit. Thank you.

10-26-2010 06:14 PM – MarineLiner
To me, “very” positive.

Still like more the green color.
Email will be sent with more feedback.

10-27-2010 07:33 AM – Jason
Thanks Marineliner, however, the green would be a dramatic change, and people were saying it was too bright on their screens and annoying to look at. The current colors are easy on the eyes, which is important because people are on here for long periods of time.

03-09-2011 07:29 PM – MarineLiner
Updates on the latest solar energy news
We need updates on the latest solar energy news.
But, unfortunately, someone make used by advertising their facebook account.
A very smart action had taken by Mike.

It is:

04-07-2011 08:13 PM – Swampwood
I get the lots of neg attitude, afraid to ask questions feeling here.

04-07-2011 08:34 PM – russ
Hi Swampwood – The guy is throwing a tantrum as he thinks he should dictate what is going on.

He has been warned for the last time.

Ask your questions – no problem.


05-17-2011 03:54 AM – dvhenry
I see the mods here must be kept busy just deleting spam, I just noticed the latest one, with 10 in 5 minutes!

Are you guys running a spam posting contest you have not told us about?

05-17-2011 03:59 AM – russ
Today there have been several that were absolute spammers – China based for the most part.

Also a few links were removed.

Just for the record – members that contribute may be allowed to post links – many in the industry have excellent and in depth knowledge that is very helpful to others.

A one line or short paragraph that says little doe not qualify.


05-17-2011 04:26 AM – dvhenry
You’re doing a good job, if they were allowed to post spam unchecked these forums would soon become frustrating to visit.

06-25-2011 09:55 PM – healthawareness
negative effects of solar energy – on home
I have been doing some research on solar power and the potential health risks associated with placing solar panels on your home – many have concerns. Aside from all the dangerous chemicals and materials that go in to the manufacturing of the solar panels, silicon hydrocholoride is one that produces silicon dust – which is extremely dangerous to the respiratory system. Obviously, there are also background levels of radiation, and negative e. vibration from these panels which also pose health risks. We all want to contribute to energy efficiency and save money on energy costs, but we all need to be aware of health concerns. I suggest that anyone considering solar panels on their home should reasearch the following:
1) What chemicals are used in the manufacturing of solar panels
2) How long do the panels last, and what methods of disposal are used after the lifetime of the panels? They are a serious toxic waste after use. Look at Japan.
3) What levels of radiation and negative energy are being emitted from panels, exp.
4) Dangers – surges etc.,

google – health risks of installing solar panels on home
– solar panels and dangers to health
– manufacturing and disposal of solar panels
Although there are serious health risks in considering these, they are not discussed when promoting energy savings. Be pro-active – dig deeper for the right information and protect your health and the environment.

06-25-2011 10:04 PM – russ
Healthawareness – This is the typical green BS & blather that comes about when people parrot what they are told rather than think.

If you are so concerned I suggest you just hide under a rock and don’t eat or drink anything – the problem will be resolved shortly.

You can search anything and come up with horror stories – posted by people like you and your little friends. Often they are posted by a concerned scientist or environmentalist – both terms are meaningless without an individuals name attached.


06-26-2011 05:24 AM – Sunking

Originally Posted by healthawareness
Be pro-active – dig deeper for the right information and protect your health and the environment.

You gotta die from something.

06-27-2011 08:49 PM – healthawareness
solar panel discussions
This reply is for Russ!

All education and knowledge comes from what people read, are taught, and their learning experiences, not “What they Think” as you put it.

The information I wanted to share came from FACT. It is not what I came up with. Many people were concerned about whether or not there were any side effects for using solar panels. I certainly am far from hiding under a rock. I am well educated, with two university degrees, two years of college, five years education in Alternative Medicine, was a Social Worker for 25 years, qualified as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and Nutritionist, and feel justified in stating that any information that I have given is accurate. I am far from naive. Where do you get off making any reference to “my little friends” etc.?

You must be some crazy, uneducated person
who is in the business of selling solar panels, or perhaps have some vested interest, like working for one of the energy companies that is pushing them.

Why don’t you offer some helpful, knowledgeable information to this panel if you have any rather than offensive criticism? Either that, or crawl back to where you belong.

06-27-2011 08:58 PM – russ

Originally Posted by healthawareness
This reply is for Russ!

All education and knowledge comes from what people read, are taught, and their learning experiences, not “What they Think” as you put it.

Moderator note – Never have sold any solar equipment whatsoever. Alternative medicine? Social worker? You are gone –


See also:
*SolarPanelTalk.com: NABCEP Russ – Our Russ is a fantastic moderator

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  1. TenagaSurya said, on July 3, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    It Is Safe To Use Solar Panels In Terms Of Electromagnetic Radiation?

    Are you wondering if it is safe to use solar panels in terms of electromagnetic radiation?
    There is a great deal of concern over many products that are used to today. Here is some
    information to help put your mind at ease.

    Risks That People Face
    Many are concerned over the possible health hazards of magnetic fields that are made from
    generating electricity. This type of situation can occur in many places. Areas under power
    lines and electric transformers will emit this energy. There is also some within the electric
    wiring structures of the home. Devices like cell phones, microwave ovens, and many other
    appliances, also emit this energy.

    Read more:

  2. TenagaSurya said, on July 3, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Solar Panels Exposed: Is Your Health Seriously Being Damaged Because of Renewable Energy?

    As you probably know, the world is learning to harness the power of renewable energy to combat global warning. The solar industry is rapidly leading our clean energy revolution.

    But consider this: You’ve seen solar panels installed on rooftops helping to save money on power bills and keep the environment safe. So if I told you solar panels are bad for your health would you believe me?

    Read more:

  3. bing games said, on July 14, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    I read your article.The things you have written sound very sincere and nice topics i am looking forward to its continuation. Many of us don’t know about this event. Your post is helpful.

  4. TenagaSurya said, on October 29, 2011 at 2:06 pm
  5. 08-06-2011, 10:20 AM



    Originally Posted by meridiansolar View Post
    second one is nothing but a political diatribe that has nothing to do with solar.

    Solar is 100% political. When you go pouring in billions of dollars of tax money into a program, it is purely political, especially into programs that do not work.

  6. 08-08-2011, 12:21 PM



    look at these two threads



    You look at them, I have a day job. Answering the same questions, that are plainly covered previously, and then whining about the same “it won’t work, study electronics if you want to know why” answer, what’s a human moderator to do?

    As to the 2nd thread, I’m just letting it run its course, as long as the servers have power:alien:

  7. 08-09-2011, 09:15 PM


    Another wise one? If you wish to be here – good and if not then good.


  8. 09-05-2011, 08:19 PM


    Solar Panel Talk is Awsome
    It is clear thru your obsession to keep your site updated and the content on the site itself, that this is the best forum on solar in the world. I am looking forward to participating.


  9. 09-09-2011, 07:37 PM


    I realize that this is packaged software that runs the forum, but it would be great if there was a screen that popped up when someone tries to do a new post that asks “have you used the search function yet to find what you are looking for” and maybe a description of how to use search.

    After awhile it does get old seeing the exact same questions posted by new posters. Sure I can spend the time to do a search and then post a link to a prior thread but it does get old.

  10. 09-09-2011, 08:34 PM



    Originally Posted by johnkimball@sunelec.com
    View Post
    It is clear thru your obsession to keep your site updated and the content on the site itself, that this is the best forum on solar in the world. I am looking forward to participating. John

    Welcome John. Thanks for the kudos.

  11. 09-12-2011, 09:50 PM



    Originally Posted by meridiansolar

    View Post

    look at these two threads



    first one a moderator belittles the general newbies and the oldtimers who should know better egg him on.

    second one is nothing but a political diatribe that has nothing to do with solar. Every well run forum I’ve been on bans this kind of childlike behavior.

    this forum is totally negative and is full of know it alls.

    Forgive me if I am wrong here. But, I thought that was the reason we were here, to learn from those who know-it-all? 😀

  12. 09-13-2011, 12:38 AM


    Everybody can have varying opinions and ways to do things – that is normal. Everyone is wrong sometimes.

    Some people claim that their way is the only way.

    You will notice that Meridian Solar is no longer around. Discussion and arguing of points is great but just being obstinate we have no use for.

  13. 09-16-2011, 12:10 AM


    I know your post said to send an email or use the contact link, but I wanted to post this publicly for everyone to see….
    I have nothing but positive feedback and kudos to give to this forum and its experts.

    When I joined this forum I admitted that I was a noob and had a lot of questions. I did read some threads prior to asking any questions to try to figure some things out on my own, or at least get a clue as to how to ask the right questions. When it came time to post my own threads, I tried asking intelligent questions without wanting to be spoon-fed all the answers.

    Everyone who replied to my posts treated me with respect and made me feel welcomed, and they gave me the steps and formulas I needed so I could figure things out on my own. I never felt like a “dumb noob” and I appreciate that very much!

    Since joining this forum I know a lot more than I did only a few weeks ago. I know I’ll have more questions as I work on my homebuilt RV Project, but I know the people on this forum will have simple and helpful answers for me.

    This forum is AWESOME. Keep up the great work! And thank you for what you give back to all of us!

  14. 09-18-2011, 07:46 PM


    I agree with you, Dave.

    In fact, prior to finding this forum, and another focusing primarily on alternative energy in the Philippines, I was going just go out and buy what I “knew” I would need. Since I joined, began reading and learning more about this project of mine, I have learned to apply the brakes, read even more, and learn a LOT more – prior to pulling out the debit card.

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    […] SolarPanelTalk.com: Feedback for Solar Panel Talk […]

  • john said, on January 19, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    why doesn’t the log in link work,get message site can not be found.

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