Monocrystalline solar cell series: XHM156(R200)

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Monocrystalline solar cell series: XHM156(R200)

Solar Cell:

Dimension: 156×156mm±0.5mm
Thickness: 200um±20um
Diagonal : 200um Front (-): 1.8mm Sliver bus bars;Blue/others sillion nitride antireflection coating
Back (-): 3.0mm Sliver/Aluminum bus bars;full-surface aluminum BSF

STC):1000W/m2 AM1.525

























































SOURCE: Zhejiang Shinew Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Monocrystalline solar cell series: XHM156(R200)

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SunElec.com : Solar World and the so called CASM goes on the attack against us?

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Solar World and the so called CASM goes on the attack against us?

The latest article in the CASM (Chicken American Solar Manufacturers) website and published in over 10 other news sites including Sun and Wind all over the world, it specifically calls out Sun Electronics, as the perfect example of a huge stockpiler / importer of Chinese modules who is rushing, sneaking and stockpiling Chinese solar modules in anticipation of a huge pending decision for importing them. They say its quite clear and obvious because of the auction we won from an American Solar Company, Evergreen Solar, awarded to us by the Federal Bankruptcy Court when they were auctioned off. The money went to the creditors, nearly all Americans, of the failed company.

Not only is this a bold face lie but we paid much more than anyone else offered those creditors for those 7 MW’s of modules, substantially much more. Evergreen could not have done better by Sun Electronics or anyone else. We did them a huge favor. We were also one of Evergreen’s largest distributors for many years. All of this is with an American Company, not a Chinese one

Regarding the article from the CASM (Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing) led by Solar World.

“Solar World / CASM research found numerous examples of companies stockpiling dumped and illegally subsidized Chinese imports.

Sun Electronics, a Miami importer and wholesaler, brought in 31,000 Chinese solar laminates on a single day: Dec. 21, 2011.

Sun Electronics noted in an advertisement that it has recently obtained an entire second storage warehouse, likely demonstrating its intent to receive other large shipments of Chinese solar products.”

We would like to clarify a few things..

  • CASM said we brought in 31,000 laminates. This is a false statement because they were not laminates, they were in fact solar panels.
  • They presumed that since we recently got more warehouse space, we must be “planning on accepting much more on illegally subsidized product”. Another false statement.
  • They also mentioned that Sun Electronics bought them from an illegally subsidized companies by the Chinese? Sun Electronics bought the panels from Evergreen Solar USA, a U.S. company that went into bankruptcy, as part of the U.S. bankruptcy court settlement. Sun Electronics was one of their biggest distributors for USA and the Caribbean. These panels were never illegally subsidized.

CONCLUSION: When the one major manufacturer in the U.S. of crystalline modules, Solar World and CASM,  have to resort to using a small mom and pop company with 25 employees and a half dozen interns, like us, as their example of why they should take solar pricing back 10 years so they can survive, it’s really weak.  And when then have to lie and make up lost job statistics, its a scam on the American people.

If I may be allowed to say, I and Sun Electronics have  had an exemplary reputation for over 38 years of service to solar home owners and the wholesale renewable energy market as well as the back-up power market for power blackouts (Haiti has power for about 3 hours a day for 8 M people, and so many other countries who have horrible power conditions). CASM’s efforts goes against everything I can think of relating to renewable energy and helping people. I have worked non stop, diligently and passionately  been promoting and developing affordable renewable energy, back-up power and energy conservation since 1973, 38 years, my entire working life since I was, 23. To internationally attack myself and Sun Electronics to do it,  clearly showers tons of doubt on their statistics of jobs they say will be lost.

The question of how many jobs are being lost because of China’s PV manufacturer’s subsidized industry is moot when you consider that no manufacturer with exception of First Solar’s hype, even with all the U.S. Governments, local and utility  subsidization, very similar to China’s efforts, makes any money. That goes for the rest of the world as well. Solar manufacturing is a losing proposition as the technology stands now and always has been. I have been strictly in the PV business for over 25 years (Photowatt in the 80’s and Kyocera in the 90’s). I have also worked for Congressman George E. Brown Jr. (Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee) and Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt’s Arizona Solar Energy Commission in the 70’s.

What is going on is a misrepresentation to the public of the impact of inexpensive solar power from China or anywhere else for that matter. If other countries have cheaper labor deal with it but not by looking the gift horse in the mouth, take advantage of it. Let them lose the money. Solar Energy should be exempt from such selfish and smelly self-serving tactics by companies who seem to want to be among the losers in the PV manufacturing business. The maintainable and profitable  jobs are in the service jobs that come from lowering the cost of solar no matter what countries they are coming from. Right now solar panels cost less than they ever have not because of China but because of all the inventory that was built by the world’s factories and the reduction of incentives in places like Germany and Spain where all the worlds factories feasted, including the Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Indian, Italian, American, English, Swedish, Portuguese, etc., etc..

By far the large number of jobs aren’t even in the factories, the factories are all automated except for the low paying unskilled jobs like those of applying plastic and aluminum frames. 60% of the cost of a solar panel is in the silicon cell processing and that is 100% done by robotics and assembly lines.

The jobs are in the servicing sector like distribution, dealers ( Sun Electronics Int., Inc. and many others, thousands of small business composed of dealers, designers, engineers, installers, storage, warehouse workers, trucking, receptionists, fork lift drivers, packers, pickers, order clerks, inventory controllers, bookkeepers, customer service, technical support and salespeople.

The most ugly proof of what is happening is the grandfathering the proposed import duties (I’ve heard as much as 65%) on Chinese panels to last October 2011. How unfair can it be for those companies who unknowingly 9imported Chinese modules.

Just a few years ago it was common for everyone except the Chinese to trash Chinese modules as garbage. What joke they were to do that, Chinese modules have always been as good as anyone else’s. People we are talking about glass, aluminum and rock. After all these years I still tell everyone they are like sliding glass doors, unless you live on the moon, a sailboat, an RV or in the space station the efficiency rarely makes a difference besides for just a difference in 5% more efficiency you will pay 20% more for the panels per watt.

All I ever wanted to do was to make renewable energy and especially solar because its limitless cost effective for everyone. I can site numerous boring details how hard we have tried to do this. I have always invested every dime I made in this business right back into it. Its always been peddle to the metal because frankly I don’t think we have any time to waste.

I’m into solar and renewable because they are good for our kids, my kids and yours. Look at what is happening to our Earth, look how fantastic a place it is and how precious life is. I have to wonder if Solar World cares about life or just money. They couldn’t make it so they are going to the Bureaucracy to help them raise everyone’s price for solar and I mean raise it significantly. If this happens the cost effectiveness of solar will be null and void. The price will skyrocket and what good will that do? More money losing factories for the U.S. with no real jobs to speak of in its place. Renewable Energy and The Earth’s protection for the future should be totally exempt from all this crap.

Yeah I’m mad, I’m tired of liars and liars who get supported by governments to make money and pay lobbyists to perpetuate it. Great Job Solar World for leading the charge. Drop that American Flag you are desecrating as you fight not for freedom, not in God we trust but for nothing more than yourselves so you can keep on wasting money. For god’s sake let the Chinese do it if they want to it will save every factory supported by other peoples money (the taxpayers) from going down the tubes.

Bend with the wind American’s be smart use them for everything their worth and win the jobs were they really count and develop the infrastructure, the educated solar homeowners and the largest number of possible installations because nothing sells solar better than real people standing in front of their independent solar home, satisfied, after having spent their hard earned money on a solar system that they love.

I feel sorry for anyone who messes with Sun Electronics, people have done it before and those people have paid dearly and we have always managed to stay alive. I’ll buy any panel from whoever I want to as long as it helps lower the cost of solar, helps to save the last of 31,000 endangered species, helps to provide clean water and food.

I’m mad as hell,. What goes around comes around. I bet if they, Solar World doesn’t get their big sister, the bureaucrats, to protect them they will go out of business immediately. If they do we will have to pay for their everything, like a spoiled ungrateful teenager.

In my opinion CASM numbers are so limited they aren’t worth listing. Who are they including, I will find out and report back in my next blog. My guess is anyone who makes a wire, a bolt, a mounting rack, a charge controller, a battery, the guys who wash their cars and manicure their lawns.They are losers, defects, who couldn’t make it in the real world, like most of the people in Washington and the government. I’m not saying everyone just most of them. I worked in Washington D.C. for a long time and thats what I came to know. Look at politics if you don’t beieve me. They could’nt make it on their own, the American way, so they went to Washington for the benefits, to write nonsensical rules and regulations. They went to Washington for power, influence, cash under the table and to feed out of the pork barrell.

Solar WOrld and their friends at the mysterious hundreds of thousands at CASM  want to take the solar ball away from us and run away and leave the rest of us with no way to play the game, and a very important game it is. It could be an integral part, the very last chance we have to save the earth from ever being able to truly jump to renewable energy while we still have the ability. The way things are going it , the economy, could get worse not better. You can be sure there will be more catastrophes, like hurricanes, tsunami’s, earthquakes, floods, solar flares, terrorism, blockades, etc. that will affect energy supplies and prices. But as of right now, you can afford to go solar more than ever before, because prices have finally gotten down to where we can actually make a go of it, because they are cost cost effective against utility power, but, not if these losers get their way with all these blown up statistics and lies they are presenting to Congress and the people of America. We’’ll all be screwed except Solar World’s handful of employs that work at their money losing factory. Make it profitable by raising your prices and the congress is buying it and the bureaucrats are buying it because its politically popular to bash the Chinese. Unfortunately its all going to hurt the real world of solar electric development. All for one and none for the all.

Don’t get robbed stand and fight, WRITE!

https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml Write your Representative

http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm  Write your Senator

Thank you.

Sorry for the typos but my 6 year old son got all stars on his school work and he wants that toy from Target, got to go. Pay your kids for grades, it works!

John Kimball


SOURCE: SunElec.com Blog

YouTube.com : Cruise ship aground: More aerial views of Costa Concordia

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YouTube.com : Cruise ship aground: More aerial views of Costa Concordia

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At least three people have been confirmed dead as a cruise ship carrying over 4-thousand passengers ran aground off Italy’s north-west coast. 69 people are still unaccounted for. Most of those on board the Costa Concordia were evacuated on lifeboats or swam ashore. The vessel hit a sandbar near the island of Giglio late on Friday.
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